Podium Finish and Grass

Feeling very confident about things as we headed to Croft up in Darlington. The weather had decided to provide the paddock with outdoor swimming pools!

Qualifying was a bit of mess for everyone as the grass around the track was so soft due to the rain it was always going to make things difficult with mud on track.

We wanted to get a decent early lap in and we did just that and qualified in 2nd, great result for myself and the team.

Here are the results for the weekends sessions;

Qualifying – 1:21:882

Race 1 – 1:22:598

Race 2 – 1:23:287

Race 3 – 1:28:239

A podium finish in the first race was a good result, 2nd and the car felt great. As we move to the second race of the day I have success ballast and was doing really well until I was knocked off with just a couple of corners to go as Ash Sutton drove through me. 5th would have been a great result but as it turned out I managed to get the car back off the grass but only good enough for 27th which effectively ruled me out of the final race. We took a gamble on slicks as the rain had come down and the track was wet but drying however it didn’t dry quickly enough to give an advantage to the few who went on slicks.

So we move to Cheshire and the lovely Oulton Park and see what happens as we lead the Independent Championship.